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Geared with many years of experience, Triple K Landscape & Services Pte Ltd is among the leading pioneers in the landscape industry.

We are a registered company under the Building and Construction Authority and the National Parks Board. Our company has also attained the BIZ Safe Level 3 as well. At Triple K Landscape, we are passionate and confident in bringing you quality and reliable service that will have a lasting impression. We give you the assurance to provide value for money services that will satisfy all your landscape needs. Over the years, Triple K Landscape & Services have provided various landscape maintenance and upgrading works. We are specialized in landscape design and planting, tree pruning, grass cutting and landscape maintenance services for government agencies, residentials, condominiums, shopping malls, private housing, community complex and many more. With our value-added professional services, we have cultivated a reputable name in the landscape industry.

Landscape Maintenance & Upgrading

Landscape Construction & Design

Soil Analysis

Tree Pruning & Maintenance

Aboriculture Services (Tree Inspection)

Horticulture Services

Irrigation, Installation & Maintenance

Water Feature Installation & Maintenance

Indoor Plant display & rental services (Hydroculture Plants)

Festive Plant Display & Setup

Event Plant Decoration & Display

Façade Maintenance & Cleaning

Electrical Installation & Maintenance Service

At Triple K Landscape & Services, we also offer façade cleaning & electrical related services. With these comprehensive services all under one roof, we are able to offer a cohesive package of reliable and trusted services to our clients. We adhere to the highest safety standards to ensure a smooth and worry-free project commencement and flow. We have invested on the best available equipment to ensure highest maintenance quality standard that would meet the demands of our clients.

Resource Management

At Triple K Landscape & Services, all our landscape workers have undergone skills courses which would furnish them with essential knowledge to provide better and more competitive service. Their dedication, knowledge, and experience are evident in the diligence and care they exercise servicing the environment. We ensure that our workers attend skills upgrading courses to keep them updated on the latest landscape knowledge. All our Workers are highly trained and skilled to offer the best service standards.

We also have a team of passionate and proactive workers who are extremely skillful and euthanasic to serve and attend to all your landscape needs. With well experienced managers and supervisors, our team work cohesively to attend to landscape enquiries efficiently and effectively. All our managers and supervisors have years of experience in the landscape industry and are well provisioned with handling landscape related matters.

Landscape Maintenance, Construction & Design

At Triple K Landscape & Services Pte. Ltd. we offer our highest service quality standard right from the beginning of our design stage. We pay very close attention to every detail of our client and offer the best advise that suits best to their requirements. We cater our highest service standard according to what fits best to your budget. Landscape maintenance is one of the key strengths of our company. We take pride in maintaining your landscape with great professionalism.

We offer one of the most remarkable Horticultural maintenance services which is affordable and efficient at the same time. We have the best skilled landscape workers who are reliable in pruning shrubs, fertilizing and watering the plants according to their needs and requirements. We conduct site survey and analysis to ensure that the landscape is kept at its best condition at all times.

Tree Pruning and Maintenance

At Triple K Landscape & Services Pte. Ltd. we have our very own in-house tree pruning division with a comprehensive team of skilled workers with many years of experience. We offer the best tree pruning and maintenance services which are trusted by many organizations. We uphold the highest safety standard to ensure no compromises on safety culture practices.

Our team of professionals are well trained by approved authorities and well equipped to meet all sorts of tree pruning challenges. Our team of tree pruning professionals adhere to specialized tree pruning techniques such as crown reduction, uprooting, pollarding etc., depending on site conditions and requirements, so as to ensure that the trees are maintained at the best condition.

Façade Cleaning & Maintenance

Triple K Landscape & Services Pte. Ltd. also offer cleaning and maintenance services. With years of experience in the cleaning sector, we have geared and cultivated a good reputation in the industry. We have a remarkable team of workers who are well trained in maintaining your façade at the best condition.

Over the years we have offered our cleaning services to many residentials, commercial properties and government agencies. Our cleaning services are trusted by many renown organizations in Singapore. We take every pride to ensure that we maintain your facility at the best state.

Certifications & Registrations

ISO 45001:2018

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